Saturday, February 26, 2011

Local musicians banding together to raise money for Parkinson's research

A group of local musicians is proving that music can heal.

Eight local musicians/songwriters and bands are compiling a recording to benefit Parkinson’s research. The release of the recording will coincide with Record Store Day on April 16. 

Record Store Day is a celebration of the independent record store and what it means to indie music and to the community at large.

The project, entitled “Made In Aurora,” is a local-artist vinyl record compilation project spearheaded by Steve Warrenfeltz of Kiss The Sky record store in Geneva and Benjie Hughes of Backthird Audio in Aurora.

Recording and contributing on the album will be the band Hoss, Dave Ramont and Dave Nelson of the band Dick Smith, Noah Gabriel, Kevin Trudo, Jeremy Keen, Greg Boerner and Dave Glynn with the Empty Can Band.

“There are some fantastic musical talents in the area,” said Steve Warrenfeltz, who is acting as executive producer for the project. “Our intent is to shine a spotlight on them.”

The project will be heavily collaborative, with musicians joining in on others’original music. The entire project will be recorded over a three-day period beginning Monday. All of the artists involved will come together to collaborate on a single song towards the end of the process.

The collective also intends to generate awareness and financial contributions to a local grass roots charity, the Paul Ruby Foundation, which is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Artists participating in “Made in Aurora” all make music that could be broadly categorized as “Americana.” Warrenfeltz hopes this will be the first of many projects to come, with other projects potentially focusing on other genres of local music.

The collective also plans to take the project “on the road” so to speak, performing the album live in its entirety at local venues to be determined later.
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