Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Acclaimed "Boy Wonder" movie coming to AMC in Chicago


"Boy Wonder," the feature film debut of Michael Morrissey, has captured the acclaim of both critics and the public.

After being screened at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo in March, "Boy Wonder" will open Oct. 28 at AMC River East 21, 322  E. Illinois St., Chicago, and will be at the theater until Nov. 3.

The psychological thriller stars Caleb Steinmeyer (from HBO's "True Blood" and ABC's "Lost") as a 17-year-old loner who as a young boy witnessed the murder of his mother during a Brooklyn car-jaking.

For a second time, I had the pleasure of interviewing Morrissey about the movie and the reception it has received.

Q - The fact that the film recently screened at the New York Comic Con and was shown at the AMC Village in New York, were those extra special experiences for you since you grew up in New York?

I tell you it was nerve racking. In Chicago no one knows me, so I could slink in to the shadows if I got booed but in New York, I was on home turf and had no where to hide. 

It was great though, really. NYCC was amazing, the response was overwhelming. I really can say that I could not have had a better screening there, we put some of the reactions to the film online and they are just amazing.

Screening in a real theater with AMC was great as well, seeing "Boy Wonder" up on the marquee was pretty cool. Dream come true.

Q - "Boy Wonder" will be shown at the AMC River East 21 through Nov. 3 before it goes to DVD on Nov. 8. Has the film done everything you set out to accomplish?

I am really happy with how the film came out, but in regards to distribution, I wish things went better. It is so hard to get your movie to be even considered for distribution unless there is a big cast.

The movie being a quality product is an after thought. They really don't care what they sell just that they can sell it. But I am ready for the long hard fight and hopefully we will find our audience.

Q - The film has generated plenty of critical acclaim, including many film festival awards and accolades. Were any of the awards a surprise to you or especially meaningful for you?

Every award is a shock to me. From the big festivals to the small, I am always overwhelmed when they call and say, "Hey, you won best picture." I'm always thinking "Really?"

And that is not me being modest. I just feel like it is amazing luck to be thought of as the best movie out of 10 to 30 films. 

People have different tastes. Some of the judges could have had a bad day, you never now. It always surprises me.

Winning the Vail Film Festival was a big shock to me, there were some big movies in that one, star driven movies. I felt so insanely out of place there as well. People at the festival were extremely nice, but I just felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I actually got good and drunk during the screening and went home halfway through the movie. When I saw online that we won "Best Picture" at Vail, I was floored.

Q - I understand you want to now start on a horror/thriller called "Mother." What appeals to you about this project? Are you considering using any of the cast from "Boy Wonder" in the movie?

I always like the magical connection that exists between family. As a parent myself, I love my kids so much that I would die for them and they will never be able to understand that until they have children. 

Of course in my film, "Mother," I distort that connection until it is horrible and twisted and it becomes almost like a physical horror that you can relate to. My third movie is going to be a happy buddy movie or something, or people are going to think I am a lunatic. 

In regards to casting, I will use who is best for the film so the door is open for everyone, including the cast from "Boy Wonder." I love them, they are like family and all very talented, but I don't want to start with someone in mind for a character. 

Character will come first and then it will be the actor's job to become that character.

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