Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Excel Saga" director Shinichi Watanabe among guests appearing at Anime Midwest convention in Lisle

Director Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe, known for the comedy anime series "Excel Saga" and its spinoff, "Puni Puni Poemy," will appear at Anime Midwest 2012 set for July 6-8 at the Wyndham Hotel & Convention Center in Lisle.

Nabeshin has been quoted as saying that he places great importance in making viewers laugh. Stating that he values laughter as much as tears, his preference is to motivate viewers to have fun and enjoy a show. 

He reasons that his success stems from provoking the same, strong emotional investment—in a humorous way—as a traditional, sentimental story does.
He joins numerous other stars at the convention. The complete guest list can be found online at

Featured special events at Anime Midwest include a cosplay masquerade contest, anime screenings, autographs, fan panels, workshops, a date auction, a formal dance, and two rave dances in addition to many other events.

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