Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Singer-songwriter Claudia Schmidt bringing warm vocals to Chicago area

Claudia Schmidt
Claudia Schmidt (Photo credit: Jeff Youngstrom

Singer-songwriter Claudia Schmidt is just as comfortable performing jazz and blues as she is performing folk music.

She shows off her versatility on the album "Bend in the River: Collected Songs," which features 16 songs from her five albums on Red House Records.

The Michigan-born singer, guitarist and dulcimer player will perform at 8 p.m. Sept. 14 at Lakeview Center in Gillson Park, 800 Gillson Park Drive, Wilmette.

Tickets are $20, available by calling (312) 342-2345 , or at.www.wilmettepark.org/lakefront/lakeview-center.

I had the chance to talk to Schmidt about her current activities and her musical inspirations. 

Great to talk to you. Regarding your album "Bend in the River," how did you select the songs for the album? Do you think it is a good retrospective of your career, or at least your career on the Red House label?

Yes, Red House and I came up with a perfect selection (as perfect as it gets) of my recordings with them. Even though they are are chronological, it feels timely and current.  

What made you want to become a singer? Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

I always sang...I didn't wonder 'would I become a singer". ..it just WAS and I wandered into Chicago  smack in the middle of it. ..so that was serendipity!

No particular influences, I keep my ears open and am a musical sponge. .what comes in finds its way back out eventually.  

You left the music business for a time to open a bed and breakfast with your husband. What made you want to come back to the business?

While running the B&B and restaurant, I was still writing and performing so no momentum was lost there, though some was lost out on the circuit, when I couldn't travel as much.

Do you have any unfinished goals or dream projects?
Life is continually unfolding and I have never been a real goal-oriented person, so stay tuned!

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