Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chicago band The Locals working on new album, performing at Jeff Fest


Chicago band The Locals continues to gain acclaim for its inviting blend of alternative pop and indie rock.

The Locals,, will likely garner more fans when it performs at Jeff Park Arts and Music Festival, 4822 N. Long Ave., Chicago. 

The festival runs from July 26-28. The Locals will take the main stage from 6 to 7 p.m. July 26.

Admission to the festival is $5 before 5 p.m., $7 after 5 p.m. or $15 for all three days. More information is at

I had the chance to talk to The Locals frontwoman Yvonne Doll about the band's latest activities.

Q - You guys just played at Summerfest. How was that experience, and having Alice Cooper open for the band?

Summerfest was a blast. It's a really awesome event and we were glad to be part of it. We were really excited to hear that AC wanted to do an impromptu set, his band was all geared up and they played a few tunes, but sadly, the prince of darkness himself did not show.

Q - Anybody that you are looking forward to seeing at Jeff Fest?

Magicbox! Our producer, Steven Gillis drums for them, so we're super stoked to see them!

Q - You were featured last year in "Guitar World" as one of 10 guitarists to know. Did that come as a surprise? Who influenced you as a guitarist and are there other female guitarists out there who you admire?

Yeah, that came as a total surprise. I had a bunch of people Facebooking me saying "congrats" and had no idea what they were talking about! 

I was really inspired by Kelly Deal (she picked up the guitar late like I did), also the great Nancy Wilson (of course), totally dig Carrie Brownstein's style as well!

Q - You and Christy Nunes formed The Locals in 1996. Was there an instant musical connection between the two of you? What were your goals for the band and do you think you have accomplished them?

Totally, we hit it off right away. Her bass style is such an amazing fit with the way I play guitar. 

It's been an amazing musical partnership. Our goals for the band are to keep moving forward musically, we've accomplished a lot, but there's always more to go!

Q - Your latest EP, "SALT," was produced by Steven Gillis, of the band Filter. How did you hook up with him and what did he bring to the table?

We met Steve through a friend. Steve is a truly gifted engineer and producer. 

He has a knack for just knowing what's right for a tune. We're thrilled to be working with him!

Q - It's been a while since that EP was released. Is the band working on new music? When should fans expect a new album to be released?

Yep, we have a new EP, "Stereostatic Funicular," that will be released late August this year. We're really happy with how it turned out, can't wait to release it!

Q - The Locals has been a part of the Chicago music scene for more than a decade now. How do you think the scene has changed since then and how do you see the band fitting into the Chicago music scene?

Well, mostly we've seen clubs come and go, some bands too. But there has always been a really great and supportive music scene here in Chicago. 

We've been playing with some really awesome bands, especially in the last two years. The scene is strong. Very cool!

Q - You have garnered quite a reputation with your photography and artwork. Could you choose between being an artist and musician? Or do you need both in your life?

Oh man, that's a tough one. I've wanted to be a singer for as long as I remember, so if I had to choose... but man they are both really important aspects of my life!

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