Saturday, April 21, 2018

Edward David Anderson to perform at Kiss The Sky in Batavia as part of Record Store Day


On his forthcoming album, Edward David Anderson gets back to being part of a band.

The former St. Charles resident, who has called Bloomington home for the past 15 years, will perform at 8 p.m. April 21 at Kiss The Sky record store, 180 First St., Batavia, as part of Record Store Day.

I had the chance to talk to Anderson about his new album, "Chasing Butterflies," set for release in October. The album was produced by well-known Jimmy Nutt, who has worked with the likes of Percy Sledge, Drive-By Truckers and Jason Isbell.

"Chasing Butterflies" was recorded at The NuttHouse Recording Studio in Sheffield, Alabama.

Q – Jimmy Nutt has a pretty impressive resume. How was it working with him? 

It was great. He was really laid back. He has a lot of good musical ideas. 

He was fortunate enough to work under Rick Hall, who just passed away, the engineer at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Jimmy worked with Rick for more than a decade, I believe.

I knew from the first conversation that I had with him on the phone that he would be somebody that I would work well with. He's a collaborator. He's definitely open to everybody's ideas. 

It was the first time I did a record where everybody played together, like a band style, since being in Backyard Tire Fire. The other couple of records were kind of pieced together.

I sang everything live and they're all basically live vocal takes from playing and singing with the guys. It has that kind of live feel to it, I think.

It felt like it was a pretty easy record to make, all things considered. Everybody really showed up ready to do their job. It was a very fun experience.

Q – What kind of goals did you have for the album and do you think you achieved them?

I think so. I wanted to play with dudes together in the same room. That's what I wanted to do. I wanted to actually have a band together. 

Everybody was very focused and ready to go. 

Q – It does seem like authentic music is back in the spotlight, with the advent of roots music a few years back.

I agree. I feel like people kind of have that radar for what's coming from the right place, and what's not, or at least some people do. 

Q – So will you be playing some of these new songs at Kiss The Sky?

I definitely will be a lot of songs from the new one that I just recorded. It will be a mixture of old, new and really new, which is usually the case for me. I always get excited when I write a new batch of songs and play them long before I record them.

Q – How do you think your music has evolved over the years?

With this batch of tunes that I just wrote in the last few weeks, I've stripped it down. I'm trying to really trim the fat, if you will.

I'm just trying to really make sure that every word that's in there needs to be there.