Saturday, April 9, 2022

Singer-songwriters Dan Tedesco and Emma Butterworth provide musically adventurous night at The Venue in Aurora


Photo by Eric Schelkopf

Photo by Eric Schelkopf


For better or for worse, human beings are emotional creatures.

Great songwriters know how to tap into and share those emotions. Such was the case when singer-songwriters Dan Tedesco and Emma Butterworth took the stage Friday night at The Venue in Aurora.

As Tedesco, a St. Charles native, related during the show, he would sneak his way into Chord on Blues in St. Charles while he was in high school. With renowned artists as Koko Taylor and Lonnie Brooks having performed at Chord on Blues, one can imagine the experience served him well.

His songs talk about issues that most of us deal with at one point or another, making them easily relatable. Tedesco’s riveting guitar work is only matched by his sometimes haunting melodies.

Those two elements come together in glorious fashion on his song “Firecrackers at Dawn” a song off his latest EP, “Morning Bells.”

Butterworth’s powerful vocals and introspective lyrics started the evening off on a high note. In fact, her stage presence is already so strong that one wouldn’t even think that she is a college student.

And there is no doubt that her musical presence will continue to grow.

 Dan Tedesco performs his song "The Truce" April 8 at The Venue in Aurora.


 Dan Tedesco performs his song "Firecrackers at Dawn" April 8 at The Venue in Aurora.

Emma Butterworth performs her song "Wild Life" April 8 at The Venue in Aurora.

 Emma Butterworth performs her song "Take A Little Weight" April 8 at The Venue in Aurora.

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