Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stars of "Thor," "Walking Dead," "True Blood" speak at Chicago expo


There was plenty of star power at Saturday's Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.

Fans were able to get up close and personal with stars like Chris Hemsworth, who plays "Thor" in the upcoming movie, Jon Bernthal and Laurie Holden of "The Walking Dead" and Sam Trammell, Kristen Bauer and Brit Morgan of "True Blood."

Here are a few highlights from their question and answer sessions with fans.

Chris Hemsworth "Thor" Q & A:

Q - Will "Thor" be portrayed differently than the comic book character?

Chris - I think it follows it pretty closely. We did as much research as we could.

Q - What were you feeling as you got into your costume?

It was like being a kid, dressing up as some kind of superhero.

Q - Do you have any hints about the movie's plot?

I couldn't say anything without being kicked out of the film. It's exciting and epic.

Q - What should we expect from the "Red Dawn" remake?

It's very similar to the original. It follows more the personal relationships with the kids.

"The Walking Dead" Q&A:

What can we expect from the new season?

Jon - Shane is a guy who's really lonely when the new season starts. He is right with the people he loves, but he cannot be with them the way he wants to be. You will see the worst of him, but also the best of him in season two.

Laurie - She's lost everything and she has no love in her life. I think there will be a lot of resentment toward Dale. I'm very excited about Andrea getting stronger in season two.

Jon - I really like this guy. I think he is actually a good guy, he's a loyal guy. Things happen in a zombie apocalypse.

Q - We've already seen Andrea as a tough character. Where do you draw that from?

Laurie - I'm very excited about her character's journey. I love what she stands for. I think she is avenging her sister, avenging her family. She is making a choice to be a survivor, not a victim.

Q - How do you feel about zombies?

Laurie - We are really explaining the humanity of the zombies. They were once people. They are not just evil monsters. Our zombies are complicated in terms of what they evoke in all of us.

Jon - I just want to say for the record that I hate zombies. It has been inbred so much in me to kill them. My job is to kill those things.

Q - What would you guys do if zombies actually attacked?

Laurie - I would find my family and hold them tight. 

Jon - I'd call my friend's wife and see what she was doing. Just kidding. I would do the same.

Q - Did you read the graphic novel before you started working on the show?

Jon - I hadn't read it beforehand. I started reading it after I got the job.

Laurie - When I read it, it was so not what I expected. I didn't expect these rich complicated characters. I stayed up for four nights in a row and found myself crying. It was so unbelievably special, so I signed on right away.

Q - What kind of statement is "The Walking Dead" making?

Laurie - I feel that "The Walking Dead" is a morality tale and a story of the human condition. I feel that our zombies in many ways are a metaphor for how we are all feeling right now - unsettled, unsure.
Q - Where would you like to see the characters go in the new season?

Laurie - It's a constant journey. I look forward to her becoming more a part of the community. I heard a rumor that Stephen King is going to write an episode sometime.

Jon - I just want him to try as hard as he can to win these people back and then screw up royally.

"True Blood" Q&A:

Q - Why do you think the show has hit a cultural nerve?

Sam - I don't know. The show bridges so many genres. It's campy, and it's sometimes scary.

Q - What do you think of supernatural creatures?

Brit - I'm envious of the whole werewolf thing, being an animal. Animals have no inhibitions. They are what they are. Your head doesn't get in the way.
Q - Where would you like to see your characters go?

Sam - I'm happy where they are taking my character. It's a little edgier.

What should we expect from the fourth season?

Sam - We really explore the mythology of shape shifters. There is a new woman I'm having a relationship with.

Q - What's the allure of vampires?

Kristen - Vampires do not have to worry about illness, dying or money. That's pretty much 98 percent of what occupies our thoughts as humans. This is the ultimate escapism.

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