Monday, July 9, 2012

Putting the spotlight on anime at Lisle convention


Anime comic book artist Alexis Royce,, got the anime bug when she was a youngster after being introduced to "Sailor Moon" by her cousin.

Royce was part of the recent Anime Midwest convention in Lisle.

"I already loved comic books," said Royce, who grew up in Aurora. "I'd read 'Batman.' I'd read the comic strips in the newspaper. I loved 'Calvin and Hobbs.' But before opening up 'Sailor Moon,' I'd never seen comics that had slow placing, that didn't always put so much focus on action, even though there is some fighting in there. I was hooked right away."
Through her comics, "Evil Plan," and "Sire,", Royce wants to give others the same enjoyment that comics have given her.

"Basically, when it comes to comics, I just write what I'd like to read and I have fun with it," Royce said.

She had some advice for budding comic book artists.

"Just start drawing," Royce said. "I see people at every convention who say, 'I could never draw like that. I can't believe you do that.'

It doesn't matter how terrible your art is. When I started 'Evil Plan,' it was the crappiest art imaginable. It was so terrible. But just start drawing. You're not going to get good if you don't practice.

There's no such thing as natural talent. It's just hard work. Everybody who is good worked hard to get there."

She never thought anime would become as popular as it has.

"I was totally shocked when I found out there were conventions for it," Royce said.

Meanwhile, Brandon Borgman of Naperville was busy at his Involute Studio booth creating art.

"We primarily do video artwork and anime artwork, along with original pieces," Borgman said. "There's definitely a big following in anime in general."

He has an idea on why anime is so popular.

"It's grown-up cartoons, really," Borgman said. "Everybody grows up watching Saturday morning cartoons, and then you get older but you still like the art style. There's things you can do in anime that you can't do in live action.

There's a very colorful, other-worldly quality to anime."

More information about his business is at