Monday, May 5, 2014

The Dodos coming to Chicago on heels of acclaimed album


San Francisco duo The Dodos expands its musical horizons on its latest album, the critically acclaimed "Carrier."

The Dodos,, will perform with Neko Case at 7:30 p.m. May 13 at The Chicago Theatre, 175 N. State St., Chicago. Tickets are available through

I had the chance to talk to percussionist Logan Kroeber about the album.

Q - Great talking to you. How has the tour with Neko Case been going? Do you think you complement each other?

We are having a great time being out with her and her crew. Musically I think we're different enough to have a nice contrast between the bands, but we're not weirding out her audience either. At least so far.

Q - "Carrier" has received a lot of critical acclaim. In sitting down to make the album, what were your goals and do you think you accomplished them?

In hindsight the goals I had then have faded a bit. What stands out to me now is that we started writing some new styles of songs and that we started a new creative relationship with the Pellicci brothers, who engineered and mixed the album.

Q - How did the passing of Christopher Reimer shape the album? What is his lasting impact on the band?

There was some atmospheric guitar stuff Meric did that was directly inspired by him, but I think his lasting impact on us will be more personal than musical. Just his patience and style of humor more than anything.

Q - This is the first time the band has recorded an album in your hometown of San Francisco. How did that affect the recording process? Was it a more relaxed atmosphere?

It was not that different than in the past, because we tend to work long hours regardless of where we are. But Tiny Telephone is a unique environment that we're stoked to be a part of. 

I guess it was more relaxed in that I shaved about 10 miles off my bike ride to the studio versus the "No Color" sessions.

Q - What do you think of the San Francisco music scene and where do you see the band fitting into it? 

It's doing pretty good. A lot of people are bemoaning bands leaving SF right now, but I'm looking forward to seeing what springs up in their places. 

I don't know where we fit into it all, just that we're happy to be here. 

Q - How do you think the band has evolved since first forming and what direction do you see the band going from here?

We're a little more dependent on technology for some songs now, but the main evolution has probably been the way our shared rhythmic sense has gotten weirder and more obscure. Teaching our songs to a third party always underscores this for me. 

It's really fun so I hope we continue down this lane.

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